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   RiyadOnline – Corporate Channel
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This service enables you to follow up and execute transactions on your organization’s accounts around the clock and at your convenience, without the need to visit our branches. Just browse our RiyadOnline – Corporate site on the internet: and click on Apply now for secure and immediate online registration for this service.

Benefits and Advantages of RiyadOnline – Corporate

This bilingual channel was designed to add value to your work, enhance control and efficiency of your financial management, and provide you with access to your bank anywhere, anytime. Using RiyadOnline – Corporate you will be able to:
  • Access all accounts associated with your organization, i.e. current, savings, time deposit, loan accounts as well as your corporate credit card accounts.
  • Execute all types of online payments individually or in bulk, including national and international transfers, transfers between your accounts, bill payments, government services payments, payroll files upload, and dividends distribution file uploads.
  • Setup standing orders for scheduled payments.
  • View or get eMail reports on your accounts, executed transfers, point of sale transactions, payroll payments, dividends payments, standing orders payments with the ability to download them in different formats.
  • Request checkbooks, stop checks and cancel stop check requests.
  • Book time deposit accounts.
  • Subscribe your users to various alerts by SMS or eMail using their preferred language.
  • Send inquiries / complaints and receive bank replies. Contact your relationship manager and view his/her contact information.
  • Administer RiyadOnline – Corporate by creating and maintaining multiple users and group of users, managing user or groups entitlements, financial limits and transaction approval rules.

For more information, call our toll free phone number 8001222444 or 920001816 or contact your relationship manager.

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